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Data Science and Engineering News

Tech Engineering News is a student-run student newspaper at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts from 1920 to 1976. It began as an ad supplement for The Tech, a Boston-based magazine that specialized in scientific and technical news. In 1920, it became an independent magazine, and the final issue was Volume 60 no. of a series of five. This period was the dawn of the “tech scene” in Massachusetts, as well as the birth of a number of “firsts” in technology such as electric motors, radio, telephones, automobiles, and semiconductors. Check out this site


Today, a first-class magazine on any subject is always welcome, especially one with the stated aim of disseminating information to the lay public as well as professional engineers and industrialists. From the very beginning, Tech engineering news has provided a venue where first-hand information on any subject can be shared by interested parties. For instance, there are a number of web sites on the Internet where scientists and academics can subscribe to receive regular e-mail newsletters. These newsletters usually include an item on the latest advances in science and technology. If you happen to be a practicing engineer or a student of engineering technology, you may want to sign up to receive the newsletter. Subscribing to an RSS feed allows you to update yourself on the latest happenings in your field.


One can be certain that, given time, Technology news will continue to become more disseminated to the general public through various channels. One may also foresee a day when the Society of Engineers will be at the forefront of disseminating important data science and engineering information to the public via this media. Whatever the mediums, there is little doubt that the role of technology in our society and in particular our future well-being will continue to rise. If you would like to contribute to this vital movement, all you need to do is to submit your opinion or data on the issue of hand-on application, automation, and the future of technology to the data science and engineering news mailing lists maintained by individual members.

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